Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dental Implants in Maple Grove MN. Don't Be Afraid To Smile Any Longer!

Did you know that your teeth affect your whole body. When they’re healthy, you’re healthier too.

If you are missing a single tooth or several teeth, it can affect your bite,  your speech and can also affect the types of food that you can eat.  When you are missing teeth, you also put added stresses on the remaining teeth.  This often leads to increased wear and damage.  Patients with missing teeth also report that they experience headaches and/or jaw pain more often due to the added stresses on the joints and muscles.

In addition to the problems that missing teeth can create for your health, missing teeth can also affect your appearance.  People with missing teeth often get that “sunken in” appearance, and look much older than their years.  Who would want their appearance and health to deteriorate?   Unfortunately, that is the consequence of not replacing missing teeth.  The jawbone resorbs, and literally melts away.   In general, people who have missing teeth lose about 25% of their supporting jawbone structure within the first year that their teeth are lost. 

Dental implants can help prevent this bone loss.  When ever possible, dental implants are placed when teeth are first extracted.  This can drastically reduce bone loss.  It is in your best interest to place a dental implant as soon as possible after you lose a tooth because if bone is lost, it has to be replaced, and this becomes much more difficult as time passes. 

Here’s the great news for you if you’re missing a single tooth, or even multiple teeth.  Dental Implants act just like your natural teeth. They will protect and preserve your bone structure.  They will keep you healthier, and will prevent that sunken in look, protecting your appearance. 

Our dental team will provide you with options so that you can make the most informed decision concerning the replacement of your missing teeth.  We have solutions for every dental need!

A good candidate for dental implants is anyone missing one or more teeth, or anyone who is currently wearing dentures who is unhappy with them.  

Age is not a factor.  We have successfully restored smiles on young and old patients.
We suggest beginning with a complimentary consultation to decide if dental implants are the right choice for you.  


Many of our patients have told us that before they had their dental implants placed, they were embarrassed to smile for years, they were unable to eat the foods that they loved, and they actually felt like a part of their body was missing because they were missing teeth.   After getting their dental implants, patients say they feel younger, they look better, they are no longer ashamed to smile, and are thrilled that they can eat and enjoy all the foods they love again. 

If you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, give our office a call today at    (763) 424-4544 to schedule your dental implant consultation.  We will have you smiling, enjoying foods you love, and enjoying life again in no time.

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