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Implant Dentist In Maple Grove MN | Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Implant Dentist In Maple Grove MN | Whether You’re Missing One Tooth, Several Teeth, or All of Your Teeth, Dental Implants May Be The Perfect Solution For You.

Dental Implants In Maple Grove MN
Are You Missing One Missing Tooth?
If you are only missing one tooth, one dental implant is enough to replace it. Once your implant is placed we will take an impression of the space, as well as the surrounding teeth.  This will allow us to create a custom implant crown that will replace your missing tooth.  Implant crowns have the same feel of natural teeth, and they will blend naturally with the rest of your smile. 

Are You Missing Multiple Teeth?
Traditional dental bridges require using adjacent teeth to anchor  a traditional bridge in place.  When you make a traditional bridge, you have to alter healthy teeth to do this. With Dental Implants there is no need to touch otherwise healthy teeth.  The dental implants will support the new bridge, filling in any spaces where you had missing teeth.  

Are You Missing A Full Arch Of Teeth, Or All Of Your Teeth?
When people are missing a full arch of teeth (all of their upper or all of their lower teeth) traditionally, dentures have been used to replace them.  Dentures are removable, they are generally held i place by adhesives, and can be uncomfortable. The problem with dentures is that they often do not fit comfortably, and after wearing them for a while, the jaw bone can begin to deteriorate, bone resorbs, and that can lead to facial collapse. Another option would be to make dentures that are supported by Dental Implants.  When dentures are supported by Dental Implants, they are stable, they are comfortable, and the implants support the jaw bone so less bone resorbs. 

The number of dental implants used to support the denture varies from person to person based on how much bone is available, and based on the type of final denture the patient wants.  Some dentures can be snapped on and off by the patient, and some are more permanent, and can only be removed by a dentist.  
Find out about all of the dental implant options that are available to you, and how we can enhance and restore the function and the beauty of your smile by scheduling your FREE Dental Implant Consultation Today.  

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